50 Flavors of Vietnam Brunch @ Hoi An (Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai)

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Assorted Vietnamese appetizers
Assorted Vietnamese appetizers

While my mom was visiting us in Dubai last month, Scotch and I took her to Friday brunch at Hoi An restaurant in the Shangri-La hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

It’s an awesome deal because for 145 dhs (2017 update: the price has increased to 175 dhs) you get unlimited Vietnamese “tapas” (50 to choose from) which are smaller versions of their best-selling dishes. Or you can upgrade to 265 dhs (2017 update: now 295 dhs) for the alcohol package.

Best thing? You don’t even have to get up from your seat because the food is prepared to order, not served buffet style, and served to you at the table.

Here is the food menu of all their brunch offerings:

Hoi An Brunch Menu
Hoi An Brunch Menu

All the servers were Vietnamese so my mom was able to communicate with them and order at ease. She could also easily understand the menu because it was also in Vietnamese.

I loved that they were very kid-friendly with baby high chairs, Ikea cutlery, plates, and cups. Funny story, my mom thought that I had brought the Ikea plates and cutlery from home so she kept stopping the wait staff from clearing them!

Kids at Hoi An Friday Brunch
Kids at Hoi An Friday Brunch

We enjoyed nearly all the dishes. Unfortunately, the Phở was overpowered by cinnamon and the deep fried spring rolls (the ones with crab and shrimp) were way over-peppered. Hopefully, the spicing overload was just an oversight for the day we were there.

And there was one dish that was not at all as described –  I even verified it twice with the server. The “Tôm Rim Cốt Dừa” which was listed as Pan-fried sweet water prawns with green beans, shitake mushrooms, and spicy sambal sauce did not have a green bean, shitake nor sambal sauce in sight. Afraid I don’t have a photo as proof because even though it wasn’t the dish it pretended to be, it was still very good and we ate it all!

There were more plates than pictured in the gallery below but some were eaten before I remembered to take photos. Sorry for the grainy photos – we were sitting in the middle of the restaurant and the lighting was poor for photos but here they are anyway. Click a photo to enter slideshow mode:


Click here for more details and reservations.

Tip: if you have the Shangri-La Essence card – you can get an additional discount of 25% off your total bill. You can apply via the Shangri-La website.

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Hoi An @ Shangri-La Hotel Dubai: “50 Flavours of Vietnam Brunch,” pricing: 175 dhs for food only; 195 dhs with soft beverages; 295 dhs with house beverages.  For reservations, call +971 04 405 270.


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  1. This sounds amazing! I’ve tried Hoi An in Abu Dhabi and have been craving some Vietnamese food for a while now. I’m definitely doing this! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Oh I didn’t know there is a Hoi An restaurant in Abu Dhabi as well. Must check it out one day when I’m in AD.

      Hope you get to visit the Shangri-La branch soon!

  2. How was the waiting time in between orders? We once had sit down brunch at Shang and had to wait 30 – 45 minutes before our food was serve, good thing there were food stalls for noodles and peking duck.

    1. Yes, awesome deal. Thinking of taking the in-laws there if we can fit it on the schedule.

      The food came out pretty fast. Which I appreciated because the kids were hungry.