Sri Lanka – Day 1

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Sri Lanka sunsetWe have just arrived in beautiful Sri Lanka today* for a week’s holiday during Wee Scotch’s school break.

In our 6+ years traveling from Dubai, I have never seen such long lines at the Dubai airport. The passport control lines were just heaving with people. Upon arrival at Colombo, we disembarked via stairs down to the tarmac then bus to the terminal. Challenging with carrying an infant, her car seat, and carryon bags plus a drowsy Wee Scotch who wouldn’t walk and wanted to be carried too. After battling more queues at Colombo immigration, we finally embarked on the two-hour drive to our resort in the town of Balapitiya, which we will call home-base for the next 5 days.

We are so looking forward to exploring the island and enjoying the local food.


*I am going to try an experiment. I am going to blog on the fly while on vacation instead of waiting until I get home. Because by the time I get home, I never seem to find the time nor motivation (I still haven’t finished my China posts from last May/June nor written up my India trip from 2011 – shame).

And because I didn’t bring my laptop on this trip, photos will be published with minimal post-processing via my iPhone.

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  1. Looking forward to joining you (virtually) on your travels. I have made that ‘blog as you go’ resolution so often – and broken it. I too have memories of wonderful trips languishing in my drafts folder. Good luck – brilliant idea.

    1. Blogging on the go and via my iPhone is the only way I can get any “work” done these days with Little Ginger and Wee Scotch.

      Looking forward to reading your Georgia posts, Sally.