Re-uniting with Scotch in Scotland

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Summers in Dubai can be difficult for many Dubai dads as their wives and kids abandon them for cooler climates where the children can play and run around outdoors without worry of heat exhaustion and where the moms aren’t drenched in sweat within minutes of stepping out of air-conditioned homes.

Wee Scotch and I have escaped to New York for the last 7 weeks to stay with my parents and we have now made it safe and sound to Scotland to visit my in-laws.

Scotch decided to join us at the last minute and flew in from Dubai. The look of joy and recognition on Wee Scotch’s face when he spotted his “Da-Da” at the airport was just priceless.

Wee Scotch bowling Scotch over with hugs and kisses
Wee Scotch bowling Scotch over with hugs and kisses

The weather has been in our favor with bright sunny skies with the occasional rain shower only in the late evenings and early mornings. It never got warmer than 65°F (18°C) but having always been in Scotland during winter weather, I’ll take that over snow and freezing temperatures any day.

So far, the week has been full of eating wonderful Scottish meals and of course visiting family and friends. I can’t believe the week is already over as tomorrow we will be hopping back on a plane and settling back into our Dubai home.

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  1. You had captured such a wonderful moment. I am happy for Wee Scotch to finally see his Da Da. His eyes and smile shows how happy he is to see him. It is unfortunate that such a happy event will come to an end. I am glad that you are going home with such wonderful memories though.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the lovely comment.

      Not all sad endings here! Scotch, Wee Scotch and I are all back in Dubai together :). We were only separated for the time my son and I were in NYC and my husband had to stay in Dubai for work.

      Although I am sure that both sets of grandparents were extremely sad to see us go…