I’m not a prostitute, chump

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Last night, while waiting on the queue to get into Club 400 at the Fairmont, a man standing next to me asked, “How much?”

“How much what?” I asked back, thinking he was inquiring about the cover charge for the club.

“How much?” he asked again and pointed at me.

It was at that point that it dawned on me what he was talking about. I think my face turned all red as I turned to my husband who was oblivious to the whole exchange so I said to him, “This guy just asked me how much.” Scotch looked at the guy and told him, “This is my wife.”

The guy just gave Scotch a dopey smile and walked away.

I couldn’t believe it. He must have been really drunk as he wasn’t being discrete at all. Each time he repeated “How much,” pretty much everyone on line in front of and behind us heard him. The nerve of some people.

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  1. sorry to hear that. that’s a horrible experience. I think you should pick up all the nice come-back lines suggested by others just in case there’s a repeat (hope not). unfortunately some idiots exist in the world to highlight the fact that there are smart and decent people around.

  2. Sometimes I don’t even want to go out for a walk because of that.
    And if you’re in facebook…. oh boy! the amount of ‘invitations’ received from guys asking the same “how much?” or asking you to join a sex club group is amazing

  3. I can only imagine how you feel. My wife pretty much doesn't like going to clubs because of this (save Trader Vic's.. but that's not a club).

    Hell, there would be days she would be coming back from work, suit, business bag, etc. and she would be walking down the street where cars would stop to ask, "how much?"


    Dubai Entrepreneurs last blog post..HOWTO: Manage Like a Dictator

  4. A smack in the mouth can sometimes be the only appropriate response to some people…

    I suppose wiser counsel should prevail. Next time point at his trousers, shake your head and say 'Too little for chargee'…

    alexanders last blog post..Complaining