Fresh Corn Obsession and Rediscovering Time for Myself

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Tuna Salad with Fresh Corn
Tuna Salad with Fresh Corn

I did it! I posted a food photo on my blog since who-knows-when!?

No, I still haven’t picked up a camera since June and still relying on my iPhone cam but better than nothing I think.

I took this picture to blog about my obsession with fresh corn lately (as opposed to canned or frozen corn). Once upon a time, I could eat and enjoy a whole can of corn right out of the tin or heat up some frozen corn from Green Giant for dinner. But lately, neither of those options seem appetizing to me and ever since my friend Nic in New York made me a wonderful sweetcorn salad with goat cheese and spinach, I’ve been craving it since being back in Dubai.

So this week, my fresh corn obsession led me to make a rendition of Nic’s salad (with pasteurized blue cheese instead of goat’s) as well as chicken fajitas with fresh corn and also a tuna fish salad with red grapes and corn.

I would have preferred grilled corn but since it’s too hot to grill in Dubai at the moment, plus I don’t have a grill, I simply steam the corn with a few tablespoons of water and a 1/2 tablespoon of slightly salted butter for 15  minutes and then de-kernel the ears and add them to my recipes.

And as the first two weeks of Wee Scotch’s school week comes to an end, I’ve realized a few things:

(1)  I really need to expand my repertoire of school snacks beyond boxes of raisins, ham and cheese sandwiches, and cheese dippers.

(2)  Going to the grocery store without your kid really is like a mini-vacation.

(3)  Why don’t I have mani pedis more often???

*   *   *   *   *

Recipe for Fresh Corn Salad:

Huge apologies for this hastily thrown together recipe posting below but I really just eyeballed the ingredients and am slowly easing myself back into blogging and cooking again so if I don’t get this post and recipe out, it will get lost in La-La Land (aka my drafts folder).

Ingredients:  One can of tuna, mayonnaise, halved grapes, fresh corn kernels, red onion for a little kick, green onion for color and garnish, squeeze or two of lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

Instructions:  Mix everything together and adjust seasonings to your taste buds and ENJOY!

*   *   *   *

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  1. You’ve arranged this so beautifully. Great window on this stage in your life. In my experience, children seem to like the same things in their lunch boxes. I used to try and ring the changes but eventually gave up! Now they make their own. Something to look forward to…