First Christmas in Dubai

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I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be any Christmas decorations in Dubai considering that I am in Muslim country.

However, all fears were put to rest when I saw how decked out the hotels, malls, and many public areas were. Granted, some places didn’t even primp their fake trees properly (think kitsch) but most hotels were decorated fabulously:

But as I experienced in Miami as well as in Puerto Rico, Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas unless it’s cold and nippy. And Scotch is in agreement with this.

And for the first time in Scotch’s life, he has a fake Christmas trees in the house. I grew up with fake Christmas trees so not a big deal for me but Scotch had always insisted on a real live tree.

Well, that’s not always feasible in Dubai as (1) if you get your tree too early, it’s dead by Christmas time and (2) if you get your tree to late, it’s slim pickings (think Charlie Brown) and (3) in most places here, you order and purchase your tree ahead of time and then pick it up later so you don’t get to choose that “perfect” tree.

Well, we’re on the cheap this year so here is our fake pine tree, bought on Christmas eve @ 50% off and with last year’s ornaments hung from paperclips “borrowed” from the office:

xmas tree 2

We spent a lovely Christmas eve with the family of Scotch’s colleague eating tons of fin de claire oysters (yum!), roasted capon (a castrated rooster – more tender, juicy, flavorful, and larger than regular chicken), and champers and wine.


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