Internet Disruption – How do Undersea Cables Get Cut?

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I know, I know, I have been very delinquent lately at blogging. Over 3 weeks without a post! After my last post, we lost all internet service in my area due to the damaged undersea cables.

You may have heard of this incident as it’s old news by now. But if you haven’t, go ahead and read about it here on Wiki (boy, Wiki’s fast). Latest reports are that the cables were not cut accidentally – how do 5 fiber optic cables “accidentally” get damaged within a few days time of each other? And they all just happen to be in the Middle East? Hmm…

At first, the cable cuts significantly slowed down my web browsing but by Jan 31st, I was cut off completely from the internet. As I was leaving for the Seychelles on Feb 2nd, this meant that I could not print out any of my flight details nor hotel confirmations. Scotch said web service wasn’t restored in our area until Feb 4th or 5th.

Speaking of the Seychelles, that is the other reason I have been MIA. My sister flew from Beijing to Dubai where I met her at the airport and we continued together to the Seychelles (about a 4-hour flight due South from Dubai).

We spent a week there sunning and exploring the islands, then back to Dubai where my sister spent a week with Scotch and me. It was great to have my sister around again. Now I just need to get the parental units and my other li’l sis over.

More pictures and details to come later – promise!

I will leave you with a photo of the beach in front of our guest house in Praslin (the 2nd largest island in the Seychelles):

Watching the sunset in Praslin


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One Comment

  1. I wondered where you went! Glad to have you back and boy, what a beautiful place. I didn’t realize that it’s just a 4-hour flight from Dubai.

    Looking forward to more photos!