Four-Week Asian Noodles From Scratch Challenge

Want to master Asian noodle-making while creating memories, traditions and a sense of pride?

Join my FREE 4-week Asian Noodles From Scratch Challenge today!

Every week you will receive an email detailing that week’s challenge.

In the first week’s challenge, you will start with the most basic of noodle dough using just flour and water. And each week after that you’ll build on that basic recipe.

By the end of the 4-week challenge, you will have learned how to make ramen, udon, and Chinese egg noodles.

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While all the recipes from this challenge series can be found on my blog, these challenge emails allow you to consume the information in small intervals, slowly working through the building blocks from the simplest of noodles to more complicated noodles.

You’ll also receive a link to our private Facebook group. This group is exclusive to Ginger and Scotch subscribers and is a great way to connect with others who are passionate about making noodles, to ask questions, and to share success stories and photos.

Join the free challenge today and start making not just noodles but also memories, new traditions, and a sense of pride in your noodle abilities.

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