Wee Scotch Loves His Sugar Daddy

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mini cupcakes @ Sugar Daddy's
mini cupcakes @ Sugar Daddy's

Sugar Daddy’s* is a boutiquey cupcake store in Dubai. I had my first Sugar Daddy’s cupcake before Wee Scotch was born and always raved about how good they were but as I’m not big on sweets I couldn’t fathom the 30-minute drive to the Village Mall on Beach Road just for a cupcake.

Good news for Dubai Marina residents! A new Sugar Daddy’s store has just opened up in Park Island, opposite Murjan and Da Shi Dai (JBR). As the store is a short distance down the road from us, Wee Scotch and I took a little stroll last week to check out the new digs as Marina Mums was hosting a coffee morning there.

Marina Mums is a support and information network for moms in the Dubai Marina area. Dee, the organizer, hosts tons of fun, creative, and educational events including coffee mornings (like this one at Sugar Daddy’s), arts and crafts, splash and play, and periodic ‘Mumpreneur’ bazaars where mom entrepreneurs showcase their businesses.

Sugar Daddy's, Dubai Marina
Sugar Daddy's, Dubai Marina: (clockwise from top left) Store front; Owner Dana with Dee; Cake display; Cupcakes and Cakes galore

Bright, light, and airy, the new store also has comfy lounge chairs and space for children’s parties. I love the creative names they have for the cupcakes. Some of my favorite names include Jamaican Me Happy, Beach Babe, Gold Digger, and Chocoholics Anonymous.

Sugar Daddy's Cupcakes

Wee Scotch, like any other child, is a cupcake fiend. As soon as we walked in the door, he immediately recognized what all the little round things in the display cases were and as I was trying to take photos, he was persistently pulling me towards the cupcakes and pushing my hand towards them to get him one.

When all attempts to get my attention failed, he flung himself on the floor and threw a huge temper tantrum – legs kicking, arms flailing, the whole shebang. Gotta love toddler tantrums. Er, not.

Wee Scotch at Sugar Daddy's, Dubai Marina

Wee Scotch eventually had some of the mini cupcakes. Sadly, I didn’t have a single bite of any but luckily, I won the raffle draw for a dozen free cupcakes!

Sugar Daddy's, JBR

P.S. – I’d like to point out that the fabulous haircut that Wee Scotch is sporting was done by yours truly 🙂 . I might have gotten a little scissor happy though.

Sugar Daddy’s Bakery, Dubai Marina, (56) 151 3540.

*   *   *   *   *

*Note (Oct 17, 2011): Sugar Daddy’s Bakery is now Hey Sugar Bakeshop.


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  1. I think Wee Scotch is so cute that any haircut will look ubercool on him. Of course, that is not taking away from your scissor skills 😀

  2. I'm glad the weather is getting hotter so that I won't be tempted to take the short walk to Sugar Daddy's for my afternoon sugar-fix. But once it cools down… Aie! Wee Scotch is adorable and good job on the haircut!

  3. The Blind Date looks delicious! I'm kind of wary of cupcakes right now, as the last wedding I went to had several that looked delicious but were dry with plasticky frosting.

    1. Wedding food can be so hit or miss, can't they? Luckily with Sugar Daddy's the cupcakes are always delish! My favorite is the Oreo one – they call it "Cookies N Scream".