Too Much of a Good Thing

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Last Friday, I partook yet again in free champagne night at Boudoir. I behaved so well the first time but this particular night did not end pretty at all.

To top if off, I managed to lose my purse which had my house keys, money, credit cards, ID, and camera. Now that is something I haven’t done in a long, long, time.

Luckily, when I called the club the next day, they had found my purse and everything was still there – not a single dirham was missing.

Definitely a lesson learned – can’t have too much of a good thing.

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  1. Looks like you're having fun in Dubai. Yan and I were actually just reminissing about how we celebrated your and Yan's birthday that night in the West Village and how we were going fom bar to bar looking for the different beers so that you could complete your beer diary alphabetically. Also, how we ended up going to have 100$ sushi and drinking Saki, steeling sushi rolls form the other table and me losing my gym bag. Oh and I forgot the part about the mass shooting that we almost got caught in! That was pretty crazy!

    I never went back to get my gym close, and I am sure that they threw out my sneakers and clothes, thinking it was garbage.

    I have to say, that we all really miss you! Keep posting these fun stories and I hope that when you come back for a visit you give us a ring and we do another round of drinks!

    Miss You!!