Sri Lanka 2014 – Day 3 (Pool Day)

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Sri Lanka beachToday we woke up to yet another picture perfect morning.

Scotch and I had originally planned on heading out to Old Galle for a day trip and check out the fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sri Lanka beach

But Wee Scorch threw one tantrum after another practically from the moment he woke up so we decided to just chill at the hotel beach and the pool to preserve what was left of our patience and sanity.

Sri Lanka beach

The hotel pool is outdoors but mostly covered which was ideal for the kids and me because I didn’t have to worry about us being slathered in sun cream.

Sri Lanka beach

My son could spend all day in the pool if allowed. His swimming improved a great deal this week since we spent practically every day in the pool. He started to tread water, attempted underwater somersaults (forwards and backwards), and is much better now at lifting his head up for air.

Sri Lanka pool

He insisted on using my snorkel and got the hang if using it really quickly.

Sri Lanka pool

My snorkel mask was too big for him so we attached the snorkel to his little goggles.

Wee Scotch made new friends (also from Dubai) and they each took turns taking photos with my underwater camera. Very talented budding photographers:

Sri Lanka pool

We fell asleep that night to the soothing sounds (for me at least) of heavy rain and thunder.

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  1. Sounds fabulous and much better than our visit which was a couple of years ago but at the exact same time of year. You must be close to Unawatuna? We had the worst luck on our visit with very rough water at the beach. I also thought it was sooo humid and hot, but I was also 7 months pregnant. 🙂 Super cute under water pics.