Use a WordPress Plugin for Frequently Used Text or Scripts

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Are you tired of typing or copy-pasting the same frequently used text on certain posts over and over again? Like disclaimers for sponsored posts?

Do you use scripts within your posts that stubbornly keeps changing each time you switch from text editor to visual editor?

I had both of these problems.


Especially frustrating was every time I updated a post, my Amazon CPM ad code script would get changed by WordPress (it would get smushed up rendering it useless) so I had to open up the Amazon Affiliate web page, find the code, copy the code, then paste the code onto my blog post and update it.

Some posts had two ads so I would have to remember to find the second add code and update that too. What if I decided to take out all the ads? I’d hate the idea of having to go into every single post to delete the ad code.

A simple soluction to these problems was to install a WordPress shortcode plugin that would create a shortcode where I could specify the text that I wanted. Then I could paste this specific shortcode into the post.

For example, instead of copying and pasting my disclaimer post at the top of every post that have ad links, I can just:

  1.  Go into the shortcode plugin
  2.  Create a shortcode called [disclaimer]
  3.  Specify the disclaimer text I wanted displayed (i.e. This post contains affiliate links, etc etc…)
  4.  Now I can just paste [disclaimer] into any blog post and the text I specified will show up automatically.

The nice thing about using shortcodes is that, in the disclaimer example above, if I wanted to change anything within the text (typos, wording), I can just change it within the shortcode plugin instead of going into every single post where the disclaimer appears.

At the moment I am using a plugin called Shortcoder by Aakash Chakravarthy.

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