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Beach - Phuket
Beach – Phuket

I don’t know why it took me so long to write this post. In the four days we were in Phuket in August, we did absolutely nothing except hang out by the beach (once) and the pool (many times). We did leave the resort at one point to see FantaSea and I did a little bit of scuba diving (photos coming soon).

Here’s a run-down of what we did and didn’t do. You may have seen some of these photo if you follow me on Instagram.

We didn’t explore the island. We opted to relax and take it easy at our resort. It rained quite a bit so it was easier to hang out by the lovely pool which was conveniently close to our hotel room in case we needed to abandon our deck chairs and run for cover.

Wee Scotch had a great time exploring the asymmetric pool – tickling his feet on the bubbles, mimicking slam dunks with a beach ball and hoops.

indigo pearl pool
Indigo Pearl Pool

We did have to call security into our room within minutes of checking in because Wee Scotch locked my flip flops in the room safe.

He kept saying, “Mama, I put your shoes in the box!”

Cracking the Safe
Cracking the Safe

We didn’t eat anywhere other than the hotel outlets (oh, except for the night we went to FantaSea) opting instead for satays and salads by the pool.

Satay Skewers
Satay Skewers

We did walk around the street between the beach and the hotel. We discovered a bunch of street stalls – most serving seafood and a few pizzerias, gift shops and boutiques.

Phuket Street Food
Phuket Street Food

An abandoned bar…

Phuket - Beach Bar
Phuket – Beach Bar

We didn’t avail ourselves of the beach-side massage parlors services, opting instead to use the more private hotel facilities.

Phuket Beachside Massage
Phuket Beachside Massage

We did manage to leave the hotel and catch an early showing of FantaSea. Our driver took us to a restaurant close to the show – it was pouring rain so most beach-side restaurants were closed but our driver managed to find us one that was open and the food was pretty good. It was the only restaurant we ate at outside of our hotel.

Large Singha Beer
Large Singha Beer

Wee Scotch enjoyed the show with the elephants and the trapeze acts and really wanted to ride on an elephant.

Soon, soon, I told him. This was Thailand after all.

FantaSea - Phuket
FantaSea – Phuket

*   *   *   *   *

We stayed at the Indigo Pearl close to the airport. The hotel embraces the tin-mining past of Phuket and describes itself as “industrial-chic.”

No expense seemed to be spared to adorn almost everything with a nut and bolt motif: from the toilet paper holder, bathroom amenities, vases, to cutlery and even the after dinner chocolates:

Chocolates at Indigo Pearl
Chocolates at Indigo Pearl


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  1. What a clever lad! He obviously has a technical side!
    Sounds like you had a really restful holiday – did Wee Scotch ever get that elephant ride?

    1. Yes, Wee Scotch got his elephant ride in Koh Lanta and he loved it. They let him feed the elephant bananas and pineapples which he also got a kick out of.

  2. That pool looks amazing! I love that Wee Scotch locked up your sandals; these are the things that give hotel staff a good laugh.