Once Upon A Food Blogging Time

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Kumamoto Oysters
Kumamoto Oysters @ Qbara

Once upon a time there was a girl. A girl who packed up all her belongings, or at least those belongings that she didn’t leave in her parent’s basement, and followed her newlywed husband across an ocean and over continents where together they embarked on new adventures in the land of sand called Dubai.

This girl started a blog that eventually evolved into a food (and travel) blog. She ate ferociously, cooked incessantly, and blogged about it all. 


Except during those years when she was pregnant and busy raising new gastrobabies. Because a very strange thing happened to her that she never thought could happen in a million years. 

She lost interest in food. 

While beautiful babes were growing in her belly, the hormones that coursed through her blood turned her once insatiable appetite for food from overdrive to full-stop. 

So this girl waited and waited. For when babe #1 turned 2 years old, her appetite returned:  Beef wellingtons, lobster macs, and endless soups, etc etc graced the kitchen again. 

So with babe #2, she did not fret when food once again became as appealing as inhaling cardboard. She filled her non-food obsessed years with sewing classes, gardening, and most importantly, reveling in the caresses and sweet kisses of the two most beautiful children in the universe. 

As babe #2 approached her 2nd year, she again welcomed the much awaited return of her once endless passion for all things food. 

No floodgates opened, but one day, a meal excited her enough to slide her iPhone  out of her purse to take a photo of creamy delicate Kumamotos at Qbara. 

Months later, a cooking class in Sri Lanka sparked a giddy culinary excitement deep down in her tummy – a feeling she’d lost and forgotten but was slowly remembering.

Months after that, an unexpected food foray into a part of town she’d never been to before nearly inspired her to log on to her poor neglected blog and gush about the experience. Nearly!

The girl realized that the longer she shied away from her blog, the harder it would be to find the motivation and the desire to write. So she lay awake for many nights tossing and turning and conjuring up the words to be typed and to explain her absence but nothing seemed good enough. 

Until one night when she stopped thinking and just allowed her thoughts to flow and her hand reached for her iPhone and her thumb began a tapping dance of words. 

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  1. Welcome Sandy… we will wait till you can again fill your pages with food love. Till then we will also find the time to read any half-baked post you might write. I missed your blog posts. Join the groove… we are all waiting for you!

  2. Isn’t life odd sometimes, throwing a miraculous baby our way and at the same time depriving us of one of life’s true pleasures? So glad to read your mojo has returned. Nice post.

  3. Welcome back. Had no idea why your blog had come to a halt, but 2 beautiful children later, here you are again. Look forward to your writings

  4. Welcome back!! I had just been thinking of your blog the other day. I have really missed your posts. Wishing you and your beautiful little family well. 🙂