October Catchup

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Halloween 2013
Wee Scotch Practicing His Spider Webbing

October was a particularly busy month for the Ginger and Scotch family. Wee Scotch continued to adjust (very well so far) to his second month at Pre-Kindergarten, we moved apartments and continued to prepare for the upcoming arrival of “Little Ginger”.

Yes, we moved house while I was nine months pregnant. Fun! Not.

Although we had a professional moving team of seven doing all the packing and moving, there was still a ton of pre-move activities for me like sorting through all our belongings and purging the stuff we never use so that our new place wouldn’t be so cluttered. Full-on nesting instinct came out of me, I tell ya!

Sadly, a lot of things I wanted to keep (like nice leather shoes and purses) had to be trashed with the stuff I could do without (like clothes from my college days) as we were plagued with a mold issue that invaded our closets and ruined a large percentage of our belongings. This happened because our AC was cut-off for a few days in August – during  the height of the Dubai heat and humidity – prime breeding ground for mold.

As a side note, there is a company in Dubai called The Stroller Spa that will collect your moldy baby items and return them eco-cleaned and looking spanking new. Unfortunately I found out about them too late as I had already gone through the trouble of washing Wee Scotch’s old stroller with bleach and vinegar (not at the same time, of course!) to eradicate the mold on he seat belt and chair.

This week we continue to unpack, organize our belongings in the new apartment, and set up the nursery. Only two more weeks left until the big day – hope Little Ginger doesn’t come too early – there’s still so much to do!

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