October = Back to Beach Days

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The arrival of September means back to school.

And with October? It’s beach season in Dubai again! I have to enjoy it while it lasts because when December comes around, it will be too cold (for me) for the beach until March or April.

Now the seawater is back to being refreshing instead of being like an uncomfortable hot bath during the summer months or too cold during the winter months.

When laying out in the sun and soaking up the sun’s rays is gloriously relaxing versus feeling overheated with beads of sweat constantly running down your chin (summer) or shivering in my bathing suit (winter). Yes, my idea of “cold” and “freezing” in Dubai is slightly skewed compared to other people. I just get cold very very easily.

We lived in JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) for 6 years with the beach just downstairs and right across the street from us but did we go to the beach at all?

Hardly. Just the two or three times when we had out-of-town visitors.

If it’s just the kids and me, I prefer to drive to a nicer beach as the JBR sand wasn’t very clean and it was on a slope that made it uncomfortable to lie down properly. (That may have all changed now that The Beach shopping and dining complex has opened up.)

Our favorite public beach was and still is the one on Al Sufouh Rd between two palaces and is only a five-minute drive (And I’m talking door to door!) from our current villa. We went today during the Eid holiday and even though many other parents had the same idea, making the beach busier than usual, it did not feel overcrowded at all.

I love this beach overlooking the Palm Jumeirah (even though it has no toilet or changing facilities) because you can drive quite close to the sea (there are barriers to keep vehicles from driving right up to the water) so carrying a load of toys, chairs, umbrella, cooler, and sometimes a kid or two, isn’t too strenuous.

It’s also somewhat paved making it accessible to two-wheel drive or small cars.

And it’s clean, relatively quiet, with a nice view of the Burj Al Arab.

I need to get me one of those collapsible sun-shades that lined the beach today. My umbrella wasn’t really cutting it

This family had parked their RV as close as they could get to the barriers and had set up camping chairs including a full length sun lounger and BBQ grill.

I was kind of jealous. Especially when they fired up their grill at lunch time. Made me hungry for hot dogs and burgers. And steak.

So guess what we had for dinner tonight. Yep, BBQ.

As I was reviewing the beach photos that I took today (I just love the ones with Li’L Ginger), I noticed I had captured a man in the background sniffing his armpits. Ha.

And now the man is sniffing his other armpit. Haha.

The best thing about the beach? People watching!

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