How to Make Chinese meatballs – “Ngau Yoke Yuen”

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Ngau Yoke Yuen = Chinese Beef Meatballs
Ngau Yoke Yuen = Chinese Beef Meatballs

The lack of certain Asian ingredients in Dubai (or the exorbitant prices for imported products) often leads me to scour the internet for recipes of my favorite dishes to recreate at home.

Two weeks ago, my mom made us her fabulous Vietnamese Pho and although we were able to get most of the necessary ingredients from Sunflower Market (the Thai grocery store in Karama) she lamented on one missing ingredient:  ngau yoke yuen.

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Ngau yoke yuen, simply translated from Chinese, means beef meatballs. The texture is more dense and chewier than traditional Italian meatballs. Now Chinese meatballs is something that my family has bought frozen every since I can remember so I never ever, even remotely, imagined it was something I could make at home.

However, the ngau yoke yuen recipe and technique found on The Waitakere Redneck’s Kitchen seemed simple enough for me to try. I was able to produce my first ever batch of Chinese beef meatballs – even my super critical mother, who says my cooking is tasty good only when she’s very hungry, proclaimed it a success!

There was even a how-to video recorded to “Great Balls of Fire”:

There are also many other Asian recipes on The Waitakere Redneck’s Kitchen site that have caught my eye, such as Har Meen (Prawn Noodles), Wat Tan Hor Fun (flat rice noodle with gravy), and Hainanese Chicken Rice that were all staples of my childhood and that I can’t wait to try and recreate at home.

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