Moshi Restaurant – Momos, Sushi and More (Al Barsha 1)

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Moshi storefront

Sip, Dip, Roll.

That is the tagline in big poster print outside Moshi restaurant in Al Barsha.

And then in small print, “momo & sushi.”

The kids and I drive by it a few times each day during the school runs. And every time I pass the sign, I think, “I love momos!” and “I love sushi!”

So one afternoon, after picking the kids up from school, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I actually had no plans of eating at Moshi that day but as we drove past the restaurant, I impulsively swerved the car right (narrowly avoiding any angry honks or sudden braking from the cars behinds me) and managed to snag a parking spot overlooking Mall of the Emirates.

Because the kids thought we were going home, there was 5 minutes of tantrum throwing (mostly from Wee Scotch) before I managed to convince him (remind him actually) that he loves dumplings and sushi and, uh, well, this was our exchange:

Wee Scotch: “But I don’t want to go out and eat! I have a headache!”

Me: “But you love dumplings and you love sushi. And you absolutely love eating at restaurants.”

Wee Scotch: “But I have a headache!”

Me:  “Did you know that dumplings and sushi make headaches go away?”

Wee Scotch:  (Unconvinced angry stare.)

Me:  “Plus we have nothing to eat at home so it’s Moshi or nothing!”

Wee Scotch:  (Stomping towards the restaurant.)  “FINE!  BUT I HAVE TO PEE!

Me:  (Slaps *own* forehead.) 

[As a quick side note, the restaurant does not have a bathroom so we had to improvise. It’s easier with boys.]

Momos are a type of dumpling believed to have originated in Tibet and now very popular in Nepal. They can be steamed or pan-fried. We just love Asian dumplings no matter what name they go by – momos, gyozas, wontons, baozi…

Well, we made it into the restaurant and snagged a table for three. The place is quite quaint and seats maybe 15-20 people.

And amazingly, an order of their Oreo milkshake (served in a mason jar) seemed to instantly clear up Wee Scotch’s “headache”.

Oreo Milkshake and Maki Rolls

The Moshi menu had two main sections: obviously momos and sushi. There were also rice dishes, noodles, light bites, salads, and desserts to choose from.

Moshi Menu
Moshi Menu

So much on the menu looked good as we all love dumplings and sushi. I was glad that someone from the restaurant helped us choose our dishes.

Here’s what we ordered.

Cheesy Chicken Capsicum momos – The children really enjoyed these momos made with chicken and mozarella cheese and served with two types of dipping sauce.

Cheesy Chicken Capsicum Momos

Cheesy Chips Oman maki – I had no idea what to expect of these with a name like “chips oman.” I’ve never heard of the term before. But was told that this maki was popular with children. Well both my kids did like this sushi roll made with cream cheese but I’m not a cream cheese fan (except in bagels) so the dish didn’t rank up there with me.

Cheesy Chips Oman Maki

Salmon maki – this is one of Wee Scotch’s favorite. He nearly devoured all of it by himself before I reminded him to share one with me and his sister.

Salmon Maki

Soft Shell Crab Maki – now we’re talking! They were a little big to manage in a single mouthful but I did it.

Soft Shell Crab Maki

Wai Wai Chaat – This was the only dish that neither of us really liked. It was explained to me that wai wai chaat is a very popular street food in Nepal. It’s basically ramen noodles uncooked, broken up into small pieces, and tossed with spices, red onion, scallions, tomatoes and parsley.

I’m afraid I don’t like eating ramen noodles dry without being cooked in water or broth first and it’s possible the kids felt the same. The restaurant automatically took the item off our bill which was very kind of them.

Wai Wai Chaat

Moshi is a great little place to have a quick bite and being so close to Wee Scotch’s school, I hope to stop by again to try more of the menu. And I also have a weakness for Oreo milkshakes.

*     *     *     *     *

Moshi Momo & Sushi:  Al Barsha 1 by Mall of the Emirates opposite Citymax hotel.  Opening hours: 11am to midnight.  Telephone: +971 04 399 9650/51.  Paid street parking available or free parking (upon showing Moshi receipt) across the street in the private lot adjacent to the Citymax hotel.  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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