An Indoor Kids’ Picnic & Drinks to Beat the Summer Heat

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indoor picnic
Indoor picnic with baked apple crisps, mini pancakes, chicken cilantro meatballs, and organic rice cakes

Summer in Dubai usually involves hibernating indoors to take refuge from the desert heat and humidity.

Although I’m sure our children wouldn’t mind being outside all hot and sweaty, it’s us adults that don’t want to be running after them dripping in sweat.

Little J
Wee Scotch and his best friend, Little J

Unable to gallivant at the beach or at the park, I had some of Wee Scotch’s friends over to our place for an indoor picnic. I made the kids baked apple crisps, mini pancakes with golden raisins, and chicken cilantro meatballs.

I laid out a straw picnic mat on top of a bed sheet (to facilitate cleanup) and set down little bowls of food and snacks for the children.

Indoor Picnic Setup

Kids love playing with other people’s toys and these particular kids all love Mickey Mouse Playhouse (“Oh Toodles!”) so I had that readily available on the DVR hoping to keep the kids preoccupied with food, toys, and TV so that us adults could enjoy our lunch in peace.

But there never is a moment of rest with toddlers so you can imagine “lunch in peace” was just a delusion of mine.

For drinks, the children were given Honest Kids fruit pouches, generously supplied by the nice folks at New Age Beverages (NAB), Dubai. These fruit juices are all organic (USDA certified) with just a touch of sweetness. The kids certainly enjoyed them.

Indoor Picnic

I’ve read that young children should be given well-diluted juice (because of the high sugar content – natural or otherwise) so besides milk, Wee Scotch is given water most of the time except for at lunch and dinner when I give him water with a few splashes of Whisky apple juice.

When we go out, I like to carry a pouch or two of fruit juice but there hasn’t been much to choose from in the organic range for kids. With Honest Kids, there is now one more choice in the market.

Honest Kids

NAB also provided Scotch and I some of the adult drinks as well. From the Honest Ade line (also USDA certified organic), we tasted the Cranberry Lemonade and the Pomegranate Blue. We loved the fruit combinations – not too sweet and much better tasting than my usual after-workout Gatorade.

From the Bai line of antioxidant infusions – the first of its line to use coffee fruit – Scotch tried Congo Pear, Panama Peach, and Jamaica Blueberry. He wasn’t very keen on the flavors and after-taste of the first two – probably because they only have 5 calories per serving – but upping the calories to 70 helped him enjoy the Jamaica Blueberry.

From the ALO line, we sampled Appeal (Pomelo and Pink Grapefruit) and Enrich (Pomegranate and Cranberry). Not only are these drinks full of vitamins with no artificial coloring, flavors, nor preservatives, they also tasted awesome and were quite invigorating! Containing small suspended bits of aloe vera and fruit, they were as fun to drink as bubble tea. A great beverage to beat the summer heat.

Honest, Honest Kids, Bai, and ALO are available in many outlets like Waitrose, Spinneys, Sugar Daddy’s and Favourite Things. You can also order from NAB directly. Check out their Facebook page for specials. For Dubai Summer Surprises, there is an offer of buy-one-get-one-free if you “like” their Facebook page and they will also deliver to your front door.

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