I Found Bubble Tea!!!

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bubble tea at noodle house, DubaiIt’s been many long months but the search for bubble tea has finally yielded some results and I have tasted and photographed the proof!

Noodle House (a Jumeirah branded restaurant) has introduced Bubble Tea at their restaurants for 18 dirhams.  I had the almond one and it wasn’t as good as the ones I’ve had in NYC but it was good enough for now.

bubble tea at Noodle House

Here is the bubble tea menu:

bubble tea @ Noodle House

Will be sure to stop by Kitsch one of these days to check out their Bubble Tea as well.

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(Aug 2011 Update: Bubble tea has no longer been served at Noodle House for some time now.)

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  1. I came to Dubai last month and tried Bubble Tea at ShareTea. It’s really awesome. I don’t remember exactly location but its in Metro Station, the same gate to Deira City Center. You can check on their FB: https://www.facebook.com/shareteaUAE

    I’m looking for dried tapioca pearls as well. I really miss it but can’t find any good place in Doha. Anyone knows how to buy or ship to Qatar, please help me

    You have to cook it – don’t worry, very easy. Just boiled it with water and few sugar.

  2. I have tried a lot in Dubai, and I definitely think Chinese Palace has the best Boba Milk Tea — well, that and Panda but I think they are the same, no? Also, I like their Beef Noodle Soup.

  3. I've been in Riyadh almost two years but never find bubble tea.

    I miss Easyway so much. I hope someone will soon have their franchise here … I believe it will be a good business.

  4. Hey hey hey …

    Went to Dubai and found my favourite Easyway just open at the Factory Outlet … YES YES YES …

    Even the girl is very slow and not smart, I don't care … I've been missing this ice chocolate with pearls for 7 months, since I move to Riyadh.

    It's in the food court of Factory Outlet …

    Have fun for you, guys …

    Note :

    I couldnt find the Chinese / Thai shop near the fish market … even we drove around for more than an hr.

    Went to Korean at Safestway, but their price is sooo expensive …

    1. The Thai market is INSIDE the fish market. One of the stalls inside of it. You can also try the Thai market (called Sunflower) by Venus restaurant just North of Kuwait St – I was there just yesterday to pick up some Thai basil and taro.

      Here is the link again.

  5. Hey!

    I just stumbled upon your blog cuz I had an intense by Chinatown taro bubble tea craving and I couldn't find anything in Dubai! I'm gonna go checkout kitch and noodle house ASAP

    thanks so much!

  6. Hi,

    I will be in Dubai this coming friday. I am looking for uncooked ones (tapioca pearls). I will pay a visit to Sunflower Supermart (thanks Vanila). Dose anyone know where all the Asian supermarkets are? Something like a china town. I think the best place to look for tapioca pearls are the Chinese supermarkets.



  7. Thanks Vanila.

    I went there and saw it – but he said you have to cook those, i dont think it the ones you can put into the bubble tea (drink) and he had only green ones which were were small in size.

    Is that the same one you were talking about?

    Thanks anyway. Appreciate your help.

  8. Hi Yogesh,

    Just in case the link attached can't work or its not seen in my reply above.

    Sunflower is in Karama, the address is as follows,

    Sunflower Supermart

    off Al Kuwait Street,

    in Street 12D

    04 396 4611

  9. Hi Yogesh,

    You can find the location of Sunflower Supermart in the google map (link attached)

    The map is actually from this website.

    Hope its useful to you.

  10. Hi,

    I also need to find tapioca pearls and various flavors in Dubai. Any idea? I am planning to buy them wholesale.


  11. Can someone please please tell me if there is a place where i can find tapioca pearls. I need to buy them in Dubai or around. Please help me?

  12. only 6Dhs at the Panda Chinese/Chinese Palace food court outlets! granted, they only have regular milk tea flavor, but it's good and they'll give you lotsa bubbles!