Holiday Shopping for Kids in Dubai

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It’s often a challenge for friends and relatives back home in the US/UK to send parcels or presents to us in Dubai since there is no residential mail delivery in the UAE (unless you pay for special courier service). All mail is delivered to post office boxes but we’ve never bothered to set one up.

Instead, Scotch and I have chosen to just use his work address for any necessary mail. But oftentimes, the challenge isn’t where to send the mail, but how?

Many online merchants like Amazon either don’t deliver certain items to the UAE or the item is cost-prohibitive to mail because of it’s size or weight.

A few years ago, there didn’t seem to be any UAE-based online shopping options but now, I’ve noticed more and more are cropping up – especially in the area of children’s item. Besides product selection, I’m drawn to online merchants that have well laid-out websites, gorgeous photos of their products, easy navigation, and most importantly, superior customer service (especially free shipping and no hassle returns/exchanges!).

We found a few websites that fit these requirements and sent them over to Scotch’s parents in Scotland. They ended up ordering from Sandy Pants and purchased a few items for Wee Scotch, including a mini scooter and a helmet, for his birthday and Christmas presents.

Wee Scotch on Scooter

I met one of the Sandy Pants owners, Donna, at a kids’ event where she had a table that showcased some of their products. She was very helpful in answering all my questions like age-appropriateness and ease of transport of the scooters, and whether she had a helmet that Wee Scotch could try on for size.

Wee Scotch loves his new scooter – he looks like such a big boy on it – and I can’t wait for him to open the rest of his presents on Christmas!

In addition to Sandy Pants, some other Dubai-based on-line merchants that I know of (but haven’t purchased from yet) are:

Baby Souk
Bubs Boutique
Dubai Babies
Just Kidding

It’s four more sleeps until Christmas but not too late to do some last minute online shopping if you need to!

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  1. I'm still perplexed at the lack of home delivery on the grocery front. Granted, I'm luck in that I have a grocery store across the road from me but the one thing that was easy to have delivered back in the UK was groceries!