Happy December and Baby Update!

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Obviously I didn’t do so well in my attempt to post every single day. My goodness, I even skipped an entire month! Ah well.

Today is the baby’s “official” due date but he seems to be showing no signs of wanting to come out just yet. I have an induction scheduled for Dec 20th but I hope he comes soon as I’m tired of waddling and just want to get this labor and delivery business over and done with. Not looking forward to the pain at all.

Mom has arrived to help me through this whole process and Dad and sister and coming next month to see the baby.

Here are the latest belly pics.

At 32 weeks, baby was already head down and has remained that way since.  I’ve always been borderline anemic so have been taking iron supplements since early on.  I am swimming regularly 2x per week now as running is just not possible as my heart rate gets too darn high even at a slight jog.   Just warming up puts my HR at over 150 bpm!

33 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant

At 36 weeks, I’m feeling like a big roly-poly-watermelon-carrying monster.  I think I’ve perfected the roll-and-push-maneuver at night to get out of bed and into the bathroom since I feel like I have to go a million times a night.  My husband has called me a beached whale but after a few evil stares he’s refrained from using that phrase to keep our marriage in tact.

36 weeks pregnant
36 weeks pregnant

I’m at 40 weeks today but still in my pajamas so will have to wait a little bit to take the 40 week prego photo.

Weight gain to date is about 18 pounds.

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  1. Hi S! I was wondering what happened after December 10? I am sure by now you have your baby already and enjoying motherhood 🙂

    Hope to see some updates soon!

    .-= Grace @ Sandier Pastures´s last blog ..WW – Parking for dummies =-.

  2. Hi there,

    I have to say your blog is informative and interesting, a novelty to read about someone else's lives challenge in Dubai. I found your site cos I was looking for Asian supermarkets, been hunting around for asian ingredients for a while now.

    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy too! Look forward to following your blog and your life!


  3. You look amazing!! I hate you for only gaining 18 pounds…I have gained that much this year!

    Can't wait to see the new little guy!!