Food Truck Brunch Dubai

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Food Truck Brunch - Emirates Golf Course Dubai
Food Truck: Moti Roti

A few years ago, the only way to dine via Food Truck was to leave Dubai and go somewhere else. Fast forward to 2016 and the food truck craze has finally arrived in Dubai. I don’t know what’s changed (Health and safety restrictions? Start-up costs?) but there are more and more food trucks popping up around the city and most notably at special events.

Last month, there was one weekend that was jam packed with food truck events: Eat the World DXB (organized by the Dubai Food Festival), a Food Truck Brunch and a Food Truck Jam (both organized by Truckers DXB).

Eat the World DXB was a 3-day event at Burj Park showcasing 15 international food trucks – most of them were flown down from the UK. I was invited to attend the tasting event at Jones the Grocer which was great fun but was unable to make the actual event but I heard that it was a great success with lengthy lines at each food truck.

Food Truck Brunch and Food Truck Jam takes place at Emirates Golf Course and is essentially the same thing – a picnic with Food Trucks – with the Brunch being all-inclusive and the Jam being pay-as-you-go shortly after the brunch is finished. Oh, no pork is served at the Brunch but is available during the Jam.

Food Truck Brunch - Our picnic table and sunshade
Our picnic table and sunshade

When my mom was here in February, we thought the Food Truck Brunch would be a great way to spend the day doing something different that involved food and being outdoors so the kids could run around.

We arrived at Emirates Golf Club and picked out a spot far from the food trucks so we would be forced to burn some calories.

Each picnic station had a large swatch of fabric that served as the picnic blanket, the picnic table was the top of a wooden pallet, and the sun-shade was canvas stapled around a wooden frame. I hadn’t seen anything set-up like that before so thought it was all rather interesting.

We had a bit of a scare at the beginning as it was a windy Saturday, and while I was away sampling food, my son ran towards me and said that the sunshade had fallen down. I had a panic moment because that sunshade could seriously hurt a small child and I had left my two little ones behind.

But no one seemed injured and Scotch rigged it so that it wouldn’t fall again.

Kite Flying at Food Truck Brunch - Dubai
My Son Flying His Kite at the Brunch

Overall, we had a great time. The atmosphere of the brunch was relaxing, there was good music (it did cut in and out but not detrimentally), and we enjoyed sampling food from all the different trucks while the kids entertained themselves by running around and flying a dragon kite.

There were maybe 10 food trucks and I would say only one or two of them were worth mentioning – Ghaf kitchen being one of them. Nothing was straight out bad (okay well, one was – soggy batter) but go for the atmosphere, not the food.

I am sorry to say that even though I FINALLY dusted off my big Canon DSLR (I had been on a photo tour of the Deira Fish Market with Frying Pan Adventures earlier that morning), I did not manage to take any photos of the food. Insane. Anyway.

The organizers were very interested in feedback and continuously improving the event. I thought it would be nice to have some kids activities in a shady area and maybe rotate the participating trucks.

Photo gallery and Slideshow:

Food Truck Brunch (285 dhs for the alcohol and food package; 195 dhs for food only) was held every other Saturday in February and early March but may be too hot now.

Food Truck Jam is still going on. For dates, timings, and pricing, please visit the Truckers DXB Facbook page and click on “Events.”

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  1. I went along to this on the first weekend and agree that it’s a nice concept but would like to see local food trucks move away from burgers and fried things. Ghaf are always excellent. Overall I think it’s a sign of Dubai food scene becoming more interesting and varied.