Buffalo Wild Wings – Dubai

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Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant in Dubai

On a short stretch of Jumeirah Beach Road lies five or six well-known burger chains including McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Elevation Burger, Fatburger, Burger Fuel (from New Zealand), and probably more that I’ve missed.

So what caught my eye was the wings joint – Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings ranks right up there for me alongside dumplings and oysters.

I took the kids one afternoon to check it out and was happy that the restaurant had a dedicated parking lot as the kids were tired from walking – not a lot of spaces but there is street parking in the front and back as well as valet.

I have never been to a Buffalo Wild Wings in the US but walking in, you really do feel like you are in a a typical American sports bar with red brick walls, servers wearing (American) football jerseys, seating at booths as well as tall tables with high-back chairs, flat screen TVs showing different sporting events, and America sports paraphernalia covering the walls like a Joe Montana jersey but also some local UAE sporty things as well.

Then there is the “bar”.

Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant in Dubai
Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant “Bar”

Or at least, a wannabe bar. The restaurant is not licensed so can’t serve any alcohol so that bar is more decorative than anything else. And almost out of place without the beer taps and liquor bottles. On the bright side, they probably don’t get a lot of beer-induced shenanigans.

To compensate, there is a large selection of fizzy drinks, juices, and mocktails. And they do serve Barbican non-alcoholic beer so one can always pretend to be drinking…

Buffalo Wild Wings Dubai

Upon being seated, we were brought a high chair for Li’L Ginger and the kids were given crayons and paper as well as face masks and Wing Nut crowns. My son refused to have anything placed on his face but Li’L Ginger obliged for about 5 seconds – just enough time for me to snap a photo.

We ordered wings of course – there were 17 different options to choose from (12 sauces and 5 dry seasonings) ranging from “Screamin’” hot to “Smilin’” mild.

As the kids weren’t going to eat anything but hamburgers and French fries, I just ordered a small snack size (5 pieces for 30 dhs) with spicy garlic sauce which fell in the “Sizzlin’” or medium-hot spectrum of spiciness.

I wouldn’t rate the trio of hamburger slammers very highly but the children enjoyed them.

The wings were larger and meatier than the local chicken that is available here so I wonder if they are imported from the US as they were too big to be locally sourced. No complaints there though. Just wish I could have tried more of the sauces!

Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant in Dubai
Wings Menu

Most places in Dubai don’t do wings properly. Something is always missing. Whether it’s the Blue Cheese sauce (some only serve Ranch!), the carrot sticks or the celery. I may not eat them but I expect them to be there.

Buffalo Wild Wings got the blue cheese and the carrot sticks down. There was celery but they were more like celery chunks than celery sticks. And there’s no beer. Honestly, not having alcohol is not a deal breaker for lunch but it could be for dinner when Scotch and I would need enjoy a nice cold ale or lager after a long day.

They serve Hunt’s ketchup imported directly from the US (not the local version) which may make some loyal Hunt’s fans happy – I personally prefer Heinz which is slightly sweeter.

Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant in Dubai
Trio of Hamburger Slammers, Spicy Garlic Wings with Blue Cheese, and Barbican malt beverage

The restaurant had just opened for lunch when we arrived so wasn’t crowded at all. Service was fast, friendly and attentive with our table quickly cleared of food remnants and discarded chicken bones.  The children were highly entertained by all the TV screens.

Tip: If you have the Entertainer Family or Kids, there are vouchers for buy-one-get-one-free of the snack-size chicken wings.

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Buffalo Wild Wings – Dubai:  Jumeriah Beach road just slightly South of Umm Al Sheif road.  Opening hours: Sat-Wed 12pm-1am; Thur-Fri 12pm-2am.  Telephone: +971 04 288 5853.  Free parking on-site in front of restaurant. Website | Facebook | Twitter.

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