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Does the thought of making fresh noodles at home stress you out?

That it’s messy, it takes too much time, or that it’s not worth the effort?
That special equipment and special ingredients are needed?
Or, maybe you just don’t know where to begin?

I believe it’s not just noodles we are creating but memories, traditions, and a sense of pride.

I believe in slowing down, relishing time spent with our children and loved ones, and bonding through shared noodle-making experiences.

What Our Readers Are Saying:

Hi…a mom of four here… You have the right approach towards cooking, family, and a blog that contains both. I love it and will be referring to you often. Your posts are extremely well thought out, detailed, and a joy to read. So happy to be on board and get to making noodles. Many thanks, your newest student.

I tripled the recipe and made myself a TON of them. They are all hanging on a drying rack at the moment and some of them I am going to give to my parents…The photos you provided helped a great deal in knowing what I should look for as I made them, especially the part about rolling the dough the first time! Thank you so much Sandy!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am opening a small community kitchen and work with young teen. I will share this info with them and hope to ween them off the ready-made cheap stuff.

Imagine Yourself…

…walking into your kitchen and being able to make beautiful strands of noodles within 30 minutes.

…with your children or friends: laughing, learning and creating together. Building strong family roots and traditions.

When you join the Ginger and Scotch community, you will not only learn noodle-making skills but also build lasting family traditions.

Are you ready? Start your journey with me now.

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About Ginger and Scotch

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Hi there! I’m Sandy. I’ve always enjoyed a good bowl of noodles and until recently, I didn’t know there were noodle options other than the dried, commercially produced, pre-packaged stuff.  Or that I could make noodles successfully at home. I had zero idea of what ingredients to even use and mistakenly believed that I needed special equipment.

A few years ago, while in Beijing, I took a Chinese cooking class that taught how to make handmade noodles. I remember her telling us that all we needed was flour and water and me thinking very loudly in my own head, I HAVE THAT IN MY KITCHEN! And then more quietly I thought, What about yeast? Eggs? Salt? Special powder mixes? And as for equipment, we would only be using a rolling pin and a knife. THAT’S IT?! I HAVE THOSE TOO! In less than 30 minutes, we had kneaded, rolled, and cut noodles that were ready to be sauced and souped up. I was deeply proud of what I had created.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with learning everything that I could about noodle-making and I’ve experimented with lots of dough recipes and methods. I’ve found that the greatest joy I’ve derived from all this research was not from the act of successfully creating homemade noodles but from the shared experiences with my children and friends. I love to involve my children in every step of the noodle-making process, making it more fun while at the same time we are bonding and creating traditions and memories as a family.

Here are a couple tutorials to get you started:

  1.  How to Make the Simplest of Chinese Noodles (just flour and water)
  2.  How to Make Udon Noodles (knead with your feet!)
  3.  How to Make Ramen Noodles (slurping good!)

Are you ready to make fresh homemade noodles at home with and for your family?

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Hit me up at any time with an email, tweet, or Facebook message and share with me your noodle-making experiences – I’d love to hear all about it and help in any way!

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us here or at sandy {at} gingerandscotch {dot} com.