A Lovely Saturday (except for the darn flies)

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This past Saturday, Scotch and I met up with a co-worker of his to play squash. Well, they played squash, I don’t like racket sports so I just hit the trusty old treadmill. Unfortunately, I was hungry-hungry-hippo as I hadn’t had dinner the night before. Unless you consider 7 little dumplings dinner. I sure as hell don’t.

After an excruciating 3 mile run – I say excruciating because all I could think of was FOOD! – we went to have lunch by Jumeirah beach. Ah, and what a perfect afternoon it was for lunch by the beach. We sat in the shade and there was a light, refreshing breeze keeping us cool, and the lovely lapping of the waves to make you just sigh every few minutes.

But I was so starved out of my mind, I couldn’t enjoy anything until I had ordered a dozen oysters and a seafood platter that was to contain salmon, hammour, calamari, shrimp, and Omani lobster served with rice and vegetables (I know, it’s a lot of food, but I was REALLY hungry).

The food came all at once (not good) and while I tried to enjoy my oysters, we were attacked by house-flies to the point where we were using our hands to swap flies more than using them to work our utensils. And it didn’t help that I ordered seafood which flies seem particularly attracted to. I scarfed down my food so fast I hardly tasted it. I didn’t think it was that good anyway. (And a dozen oysters was too much – I never want to see another oyster again…at least until dinner.)

That’s one of the bad things about Dubai – the damn flies. It’s absolutely lovely to sit outside to enjoy the weather (before it gets unbearably hot) but try to eat outdoors – forget it. However, the good thing is that as soon as the sun goes down, the flies disappear. I don’t know why, but they just do. So it’s only breakfast and lunch that’s a problem.

Dinner outside can be absolute heaven.

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