Holiday Shopping for Kids in Dubai

December 22, 2011
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It’s often a challenge for friends and relatives back home in the US/UK to send parcels or presents to us in Dubai since there is no residential mail delivery in the UAE (unless you pay for special courier service). All mail is delivered to post office boxes but we’ve never bothered to set one up. Instead, Scotch […]

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Fancy Water Features at Dubai Mall

October 17, 2009
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I’ve been to The Dubai Mall many times since it opened last year.  I didn’t think I would like it as it’s hyped as the world’s largest mall (based on total area) – blah blah blah. But, it’s actually quite a nice mall.  I don’t go evenings nor weekends when it’s a bit packed but as […]

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Haggling For Dummies

January 28, 2008
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I had been dreading the eventual day when I would have to start haggling for purchases. Haggling is an integral part of the local culture and is a game that has to be played as the stated price of most things are grossly inflated. I’m not talking about buying groceries in Carrefour or food at […]

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