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A Visit to the Al Ain Zoo and Wildlife Center

November 6, 2012
al ain zoo - meerkat

Around this time of year in Dubai, the heat and humidity subsides and the weather is just delightful. If you know me in person, “delightful” is not a word that ever comes out of my mouth – it’s just not me. But for once, I think that word perfectly sums up the feeling of being […]

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200-Car Accident Today in Dubai – Abu Dhabi

March 11, 2008
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This morning on the highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, heavy fog and the usual crazy driving resulted in a massive pile-up. Gulf News is currently reporting over 200 vehicles involved in the crash, 25 caught on fire, and 6 people killed while Khaleej Times is reporting 284 people injured and 3 killed. Heavy fog […]

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