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Ginger and Scotch are two expats that have been living in Dubai since 2007.

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Ginger (that’s me!) is Chinese-American, was born in Saigon, Vietnam and grew up in New York City. I enjoy travel, scuba diving, and of course, food and photography.

Growing up, my mom cooked Vietnamese and/or Chinese food every night. Family get-togethers usually meant making a huge pot of Vietnamese chicken with vermicelli soup and wrapping 100+ of my mom’s popular Vietnamese spring rolls.

It wasn’t until I entered high school in Manhattan, when I eschewed school lunches in favor of the surrounding Upper East Side eateries, that I discovered there was more to food than just the two cuisines I grew up with.

My biggest food breakthrough was finally liking bleu cheese, thanks to my husband Scotch, but it took him 5 years of trying every combination to make it palatable to me – it was the lavender honey and Roquefort combination that finally did it. Now, I like my bleu the stinkier the better.

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Scotch hails from (where else?) Scotland and often has to suffer through me eating all his food when he’s not looking. He loves cigars and has an affinity for all things alcoholic – especially (you guessed it!) Scotch. His favorite is a Springbank that has been aged for 50 years.

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In December 2009, a new gourmand, Wee Scotch, was born into our family. He has an appetite on par with mine so by the age of 1.5 years, he’d already eaten lobster mac and cheese, salmon sashimi, bleu cheese, and much of my Ginger and Scotch creations.

I think he’s the cutest thing on earth and I enjoy taking photos of him eating everything in sight.

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This blog is mostly about our life in Dubai and since I think about food pretty much all the time, it will most certainly be food-centric.

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Oh, and all recipes and photos are our own unless otherwise stated. Please do not use them without permission or without linking them back to this site.

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