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Scotch Eats Live Octopus!

Fri, Jul 6, 2012

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Live Octopus - Sik Gaek Restaurant

Live Octopus – Sik Gaek Restaurant

What was Scotch doing the whole time Wee Scotch and I were in Vietnam?

He was working :(.

He was supposed to join us but last minute work demands meant that we had to cancel his plane ticket for Vietnam as he had to fly out of Dubai for an extended business trip.

But at least he was working in THE greatest city in the world – New York :).

And lucky him, his NYC work colleagues took him to this Korean restaurant in Woodside, Queens for a taste of live octopus.

Lucky him!

Seriously, I would love to try live octopus, not just raw sashimi style, but LIVE!

Where can I get that in Dubai?

Here is proof of his Live Octopus Eating Adventure – the video is a bit dark but I think you’ll get the idea (click here if the video screen below does not appear):

And some sound bites from the video:

“Did you see?!  [Tthe octopus] picked up the garlic! Did you see?”

“It’s wrong in so many ways.”  … “Yet quite tasty.”


Scotch’s expression at the end of video is just priceless as he shudders while the octopus literally fights being swallowed into the abyss by suckering onto his teeth and cheeks…

He also braved the BBQ intestines:

Scotch: “The intestine looks harmless right? Well it still had “undigested grass” in it, which translates into something completely different once you consider this is the last stage in the digestive system…”

Korean BBQ intestines

Korean BBQ intestines

And a “normal” dish of stir-fried beef:

Korean stir-fried beef with veg

Korean stir-fried beef with veg

*   *   *   *   *

Sik Gaek Korean Restaurant: 49-11 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY 11377. Phone: +1 (718) 205-4555.

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